Trailer storage at Petrie Island

Oziles' Trailer Storage

Oziles' offers some of the most convenient trailer and camper storage in the Ottawa area.

Our fenced and gated storage facility is secure, with 24/7 surveillance to make sure your camper remains safe, and in perfect condition. We take pride in our security to put our customers at ease, ensuring that you never need to be concerned about leaving your camper in a public area. Our Ottawa location is also extremely easy to access, allowing you to take advantage of a beautiful weekend on short notice. We are also open long hours during the summer, allowing you to access you trailer or camper when you need to. Oziles' is the perfect location for all of your storage needs.

Summer Storage Rates
Service Price
All types of campers and trailers $15.00 / foot
Winter Storage Rates
Service Price
Tent Trailer Storage (all sizes) $125.00
Camper and Trailer Storage (up to 22 feet) $150.00
Camper and Trailer Storage (over 22 feet) $175.00

*** All prices above are taxes extra. Storage finishes on May 15th. Summer storage rates apply after this date.