Convenient Boat Storage in Ottawa

Boat storage at Petrie Island

Oziles' offers some of the most convenient boat storage in the Ottawa area. With both dry and wet boat slips, as well as two boat launches, accessing Petrie Island has never been easier! Our storage is right on the Ottawa river, and provides access to beautiful views, the best fishing in Ottawa, and one of the newest beaches within 200 kilometers. If you need a place to store your boat, you've come to the right place!

Our boat storage is secure, with 24/7 surveillance to make sure your boat remains safe, and in perfect condition. We take pride in our security to put our customers at ease, ensuring that you never need to be concerned about leaving your boat in an public area. Our Ottawa location is also extremely easy to access, allowing you to take advantage of a beautiful day on short notice. We are also open long hours during the summer, allowing you to fish early in the morning. Oziles' is the perfect location for all of your boat storage needs.

Affordable Ottawa Boat Storage

Our boat storage is extremely affordable, and comes in a number of packages that can suit anyone's needs. We also offer a number of different services for affordable prices, that every captain needs.

Winter boat storage at Petrie Island

Winter Boat Storage

Oziles' offers winter storage for your boat, to protect your boat from the long Ottawa winters. Our rates are extremely affordable providing you with a safe, secure, and easy to access location to store your boat during the winter. Our location is extremely convenient for Ottawa residents, and in the summer your boat is already on the Ottawa river. With minimal preparation you can be the first to enjoy the spring!

Boat Hauling Services

If you need your boat brought from storage to our boat launches, we have the service for you! Our experts quickly get your boat, bring it to the river where it can be quickly, and effortlessly, launched. Save yourself the hassle today, and start enjoying the Ottawa River! Please call Mario at 613-227-2276 for more information about boat hauling.

Summer Boat and Trailer Storage on Land

Summer boat storage is from May 1 to October 31, 2017. All storage fees are seasonal. Add 50% of the cost for monthly rates.

Service Price
Boats launching from small boat launch $20.00 per foot
Boats launching from large boat launch $27.00 per foot
Personal watercrafts (PWC) $25.00 per foot. Add 20% for double PWC trailer.
Canoes, kayaks (without trailers) stored at the small boat launch $165.00 for the season.
Row boats/inflatibles (without trailers) stored along the shore at the small boat launch $175.00 for the season.
Tent trailers, campers and utility trailers $15.00 per foot.

*** Parking for up to two vehicles included with docking fees. Launching and parking for up to two vehicles included with on land fees. Passes must be displayed at all times when on property. Guests MUST park in designated parking area near front of store. Vehicles with trailers to park in designated areas. Prices subject to change without notice. All fees are subject to applicable taxes.

Download or print our 2017 Rates >>>

Winter Storage Rates

Service Price
Outdoor Storage $175.00 up to 28'
$18 extra per foot for more than 28'
Indoor Storage $26.00 per foot for boats less than 25' on stands or trailers.
$29.00 per foot for boats over 25' and less than 32' on blocks or trailers.
$30.00 per foot for boats over 32'.
Storage for Canoes, Kayaks, and Boats without Trailers $75.00 for the winter.
Blocks and Stands 50$ per boat per season

***Due to insurance constraints and requirements, insurance certificates must be provided by any entity working on boats on premises.

Haul Out Rates

Water Craft Price
Pontoon Boats without trailers $45.00
Pontoon Boats with trailers $35.00

*** All prices above are taxes extra. Storage finishes on May 15th. Summer storage rates apply after this date.