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It's spring at Oziles! Time for the great outdoors with nature, boating and fishing in Ottawa's natural playground called Petrie Island!

Welcome to Oziles' Marina and Tackle Shop

Oziles' Marina and Tackle

Oziles is the gateway to beautiful Petrie Island. Petrie Island is comprised of the Grandmaitre Ecological Reserve, Stuemer Beach, and the Al Tweedle picnic area. With these three features Petrie Island offers many potential year round activities for outdoor enthusiasts and families!

The Oziles Marina and Tackle shop at Petrie Island is your number one stop for boating and fishing services in the Ottawa area. We are also host to the largest ice fishing community in the Ottawa area.

At Oziles' we offer canoe and kayak rentals, tackle, live bait, storage, boat launch and ice fishing. Our store hours vary by the season but we are open year round, seven days a week.

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Trim Road

Slowly Getting Back to Normal

The marina is slowly getting back to normal after the spring flooding in the area. We would like to thank all of our clients for the patience they have shown while we clean up and effect repairs resulting from the flood.

Our regular summer operating hours have resumed. They are daily from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Rental services will resume on Saturday, June 3.

The main gate to the marina was damaged in the flood and will be replaced soon. In the meantime, we are asking clients and visitors to enter by our second gate, just down the road from our main gate.

Our large ramp is useable although water is still very high and we have been unable to examine the lower portion of the ramp. Small and medium boats have launched with no issues.

We are asking that anyone that has items in winter storage that are not staying with us for the summer come by and pick up by June 4th. Beyond this date storage fees will start to accumulate.

Update on the flood situation

As you are all aware rising water levels have presented quite a challenge to our little marina. As you can see by the pictures the situation around the store and shop is quite dire. Thankfully the section of land near the large ramp and the road leading to the back of the property as well as both of the large storage buildings are high and dry. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to keep your stored items safe and secure. Our staff has been working hard, often in freezing waist deep waters, for hours on end, to move boats and trailers to higher grounds.

We also have some dock damage and will only be able to fully assess the situation once the water levels have abated. We thank all of you for your offers of assistance and your patience. We will do our utmost to be back in operation, albeit it will be gradual, as soon as we can.

We will continue to provide updates via our Facebook page as things evolve.


Update on our Facebook Page

Oziles' has had two Facebook pages for the longest time. The Oziles' Marina Facebook page was started when Facebook first came out and it was created as a personal page. Years later, we created a business Facebook page and we continued to update both. This has proven to be confusing for some, so we have dropped the personal page and will be focusing on our business Facebook page called Oziles' Marina and Tackle.

If you followed us on the Oziles' Marina page, it is now gone and you should follow us on the Oziles' Marina and Tackle Facebook page. Like us, follow us and post your photos of Oziles' and Petrie Island!

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Ottawa Locks

Expect a Busy Boating Season

It is Canada's 150th birthday and the Ottawa area will be a big part of the celebration. Parks Canada are issuing free passes in honor of our big year. For all of 2017 this pass gives you unlimited opportunities to enjoy National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas and National Historic Sites across Canada and this includes the Rideau canal.

With this in mind, expect a busier boating season and likely longer waiting times at the locks along the Rideau. In addition, the July 1st celebrations will bring a large number of boats to downtown Ottawa for the fireworks. It will be a time to be careful and be very aware of your surroundings.

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AED Plus Defibrillator

AED Defibrillator now at Oziles'

Something every public place in Ontario should have.

We recently received our new AED (automatic defibrillator). This unit, made by Zoll, provides voice commands for not only the use of the unit but also when doing chest compressions. It’s a fool proof unit that we hope we will never need to use. It is located in the store near the office door. If anyone would like to get a brief explanation of its use here’s a link to a video:

The Zoll defibrillator on YouTube >>>

Deer in Oziles Parking Lot

Spotted in the parking lot at Oziles'

It happens more than you think, deer spotted at Petrie Island. Where do they come from? Petrie Island is bordered by water to the north and a highway and residential area to the south, so we can only speculate where they came from.

If they came from the south, they would have had to cross busy highway 174 to get to Petrie Island. If they came from the north, they obviously came from Quebec and had to swim quite a distance.

In any case, they are now probable residents of Petrie Island and could remain here for some time.

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Amelie paddling an Oziles’ Sponsored Para K1 Kayak

Amelie B Grandmaitre is a visually impaired kayaker who has the distinction of being the first to register as a winner of a new officially sanctioned kayaking category, VI or Visually Impaired. Canada is the first country to implement and recognize this category of kayaking, as of 2015.

The first official race took place last year at the Canadian Nationals which took place at the Rideau Canoe Club at Mooney’s Bay in Ottawa. The person behind her is her guide which provides instructions as Amelie paddles, making sure she maintains her track between the marker buoys. The hope is that by having this category officially recognized more visually impaired athletes will join and compete.

Muskie fishing at Petrie Island

Petrie Island: An Angler's Paradise!

The Ottawa River is known for its variety and abundance of fish. The area around Petrie Island offers some of the best fishing on the Ottawa River. That makes Oziles' Marina and Tackle a must-visit for a day outing. There are at least 30 species of sportfish to make your outing a day to remember. Species include walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, muskie, sturgeon and more! It all starts with a visit to our full service tackle shop.

For more information on how to experience a great day on the water at Petrie Island call The Oziles Tackle Shop at 613-841-0778.

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The 10th Anniversary of our Ramp

On June 25, 2016, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the opening of the boat ramp. Special guests included Mayor Jim Watson, MP Andrew Leslie, Councillors Bob Monette and Stephen Blais and our MPP Marie France Lalonde our MPP. Many Thanks to all who attended!

From 1000 B.C. to Today: Discover the History of Petrie Island

The islands were formed from clay and sand deposited following the end of the last ice age. The area's first inhabitants were probably Middle Archaic Indians in about 6,000 B.C. and then later by the Iroquois and Algonquin Indians from about 1,000 B.C.

Sand extraction at Petrie Island

In colonial times, it was the route to the west used by natives and Europeans. The first recorded Europeans to travel past Petrie Island on their way to the west were Etienne Brule and Samuel Champlain. The Jesuits and the fur traders were the first Europeans to use the route on a regular basis and the Iroquois used it for raiding parties against the Hurons. The first settlers moved into the area in 1800's and farmed as well as lumbered the area.

The island was named after its first documented owner, Archibald Petrie, an early inhabitant of Cumberland Township. In 1955, Donat Grandmaître purchased Petrie Island, intending to operate a sand extraction business, and at the same time to have a vacation spot for his family.

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Summer Services at Oziles' Marina and Tackle

Ottawa Marina services

Marina Services

Oziles' at Petrie Island offers a complete range of marina services, making us one of the leading full service marinas in the eastern Ottawa area.

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Oziles' boat launch

Boat Launch

Oziles has easy small and large boat launch ramps for quick access to the Ottawa River. Boat launches at Oziles are by the trip or by the season.

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summer rentals at Oziles'

Summer Rentals

Enjoy the Ottawa River today with one of our boat rentals! Whether you're looking for a row boat, kayak, canoe, or paddle boat we have the rentals for you.

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Oziles' boat and trailer storage

Our Storage Services

Oziles' Marina and Tackle has safe and secure winter storage for all types of boats and trailers and summer storage for your ice fishing hut.

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The Oziles' bait shop

The Oziles' Baitshop

The Oziles' baitshop carries everything for your ice fishing needs. We are open daily until 6:00 PM.

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ice hut storage at Petrie Island

Ice Shack Storage

Enjoy the winter months in your ice hut and store your ice hut at our secure ice hut storage area near Petrie Island.

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Petrie Island ice fishing

Complete Ice Fishing

The Petrie Island area is home to some of the best ice fishing in Ottawa, and Oziles' gives you access to this beautiful fishing spot.

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