Ice Hut Storage at Petrie Island

Ice hut storage at Petrie Island

When the ice fishing season is over, you can feel confident about storing your ice hut at Petrie Island. Our ice hut storage area has a state-of-the-art security system.

Storage lasts from February 28th of the year of rental, to February 28th of the following year. All Storage fees include yearly road passes to Ice-Huts, along with any daily visitors you may have. Ice Hut owner is responsible for their visitors.

All Storage fees are due before February 28th, and late charges and collection fees will apply to overdue fees. Hut owners are responsible for blocking huts while on Oziles' property, prior to freezing. Huts not blocked may be done by Oziles' as to not hamper others and owner will be asked to pay for the time and labor to do so.

Hut storage is at Oziles' discretion. Huts with storage not paid for will not be accepted, and will be left off-property.

2017 Hut Storage Rates Price
Up to 63 square feet $165.00
64-96 square feet $210.00
97 square feet or more (or two levels) $250.00

Ice Hut Towing Rates

Hut towing will be scheduled in 60 minute increments. Huts frozen in or with structural issues will not be towed and may be scheduled after all other huts towed. For non-members, $75 deposit prior to bringing hut on ice, refunded if area left clean upon departure and a $50/season road pass are required. Huts used for rental will not be allowed to store on property.

Huts MUST have secured hooks, cables or similar means to pull at both ends.

Hut size Price
Up to 96 square feet $25.00
96 to 120 square feet $35.00
Over 120 square feet $50.00

Seasonal Ice Hut Parking Space Clearing Services

Let us clear you parking spots for you! See us in the bait shop for more details regarding this service.

Size Price
Single Wide (Up to two car lengths) $50.00 per Sseason
Double Wide (Up to two car lengths) $75.00 per season