Oziles FAQ

Oziles FAQ

We frequently receive email from people asking questions about Petrie Island, Oziles, The marina and the bait shop. We answer some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you have other questions, please send us an email. Click a question to see the answer, click again to close.

Q: Why do your hours change?

A: As the seasons change so does the fishing and water access. In the summer we tend to keep longer hours all week to accommodate the early morning fishing persons and evening boaters. In the winter most fishing is done on the weekend and later in the week thus we open a little later in the morning and have longer hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Q: How can I keep my minnows alive longer?

A: The colder the water the better. If you can, keep them in the fridge or the garage. Minnows absorb oxygen in the water, by lowering the temperature their metabolism is slowed thus they need less oxygen and live longer. One could also add a bubbler to their minnow pail. These are battery operated and introduce oxygen to the water. The store at Petrie Island sells these.

Q: When should I use worms?

A: We sell worms all year. Some customers still like to use these to fish in the winter time. We carry the well known "night crawler" which are a large (5"-6") worm. Worms can also be stored in the fridge or any cool shaded place. Fish are attracted by the smell and the look of this worm.

Q: I am unable to find a special lure, a specific piece of tackle or a boating accessory. Can you help?

A: Oziles carries most popular brands and product lines. At this time our floor space limits the amount of inventory we carry in house. We can and will gladly order any special items you are looking for, assuming it is among the thousands our suppliers carry. You only need to call or e-mail.

Q: How much for launching a boat? Do you offer a summer plan for boat lanch and how much?

A: The small boat ramp is $8.00 for each launch. The ramp for large boats is $15.00.
We offer seasonal and monthly passes for both ramps:

Seasonal small ramp: $165
Seasonal large ramp: $250

Monthly small ramp: $50
Monthly large ramp: $80

Q: Do you sell fishing and hunting licenses?

A: No. Please contact your local MNR office for dealer locations.