About Oziles' and Petrie Island

The Grandmaitre Cottage at Petrie Island
"The Oziles' name stems from our Franco Ontarian roots."

Petrie Island park is comprised of the Grandmaitre Ecological Reserve, Stuemer Beach, and the Al Tweedle picnic area. With these three features Petrie Island offers many potential year round activities for outdoor enthusiasts and families!

The Oziles' name stems from our Franco Ontarian roots. When the Grandmaitre Family was growing up, they spent many days at their cottage on Petrie Island. Prior to leaving or when asked where we were headed, they would answer "aux îles" which translated means "at the islands". When Yves Grandmaitre was looking for a name for the Marina and Baitshop, the play on "aux iles" became the Oziles' name. For more information on the Petrie Islands please visit the Friends of Petrie Island website.

Oziles' and The Environment

Our goal at Oziles' is to help the community utilize the local natural environment to its full potential whilst minimizing the long term impact and damage to nature itself. To do this we have adopted several strategies:

Seasons at Petrie Island
  • All of our work and planning is done with conservation in mind.
  • We strive to use the latest technologies in energy conservation.
  • Oziles’ has achieved a 4-anchor Clean Marine rating, as established by Boating Ontario Clean Marine program.
  • Work on the property is completed to minimize damage to the environment, and we actively take part in restoration of any damaged areas.
  • We encourage the community to take part, visit the trails, come fish, boat, and swim surrounded by the unique environment provided by The Grandmaitre Ecological Reserve.
  • By navigating our web site you will have an opportunity to see many of the activities we offer, pictures of the many sites around the islands, and gain a better understanding of the services we offer.

We are always open to suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to contact us at your leisure.